Shane & Kristen Simmons Wedding

Weddings are such a great thing to cover as a photographer! You almost never know what expression you’re going to get from your bride and groom, but you can always guarantee it will be priceless! Shane and Kristen most certainly gave us some great expressions during their wedding!

Meet the Bride and Groom



The Book

I had so much fun covering their wedding I just had to make something amazing. If you catch me out and about, ask to see the book (I won’t mind)!

The Movie

The Wedding of Shane and Kristen Simmons from GlassburnFilms on Vimeo.

GlassburnFilms had the opportunity to work with this wonderful couple in May of 2013. Not only did we capture the wedding, but we also got to play with the GoPro on the golf course.

While we did not make this, my good friend, Mike Glassburn of GlassburnFilms, created this amazing recap of the wedding. If you liked the film be sure and like his page over on Facebook!
Till next time, enjoy.