We are the Joneses. While Andrew has been creating photos since high school, I (Sarah) am a more recent addition to the process. We met online (Through a Facebook group of all places! #RHWorks) and quickly became friends. We would talk about anything and everything. Not too long later we were engaged and then married! It was a wild ride and deserves it’s own post some other time… or you could talk to us today and ask for more details.

Andrew started this business in 2010 and did some jobs here and there. But a few years after we got married, had our first child, and remodeled a bathroom, we discovered that we enjoy working together. Not long after that a friend asked us to take pictures for them and we found that I enjoyed photography as well! Creating photography together just made sense!

You might have noticed we have had a few adventures and many stories along the way. Almost all of them have an image (or images) associated with them. That’s what we want to do for you… Let’s get together and capture your story.

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